Maintenance and do-it-yourself


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maintenance and do-it-yourself

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Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself. First Prev 2 of Go to page. Filters Show only: Loading…. Attachment browser Hayabusa front wheel removal. Replies 16 Views 19K. Feb 23, ROY D. Mythos Aug 3, Replies 10 Views Feb 23, Mythos. Attachment browser Hotwire A Hayabusa.

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Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself

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maintenance and do-it-yourself

Feb 6, Mythos. Attachment browser Rear wheel alignment. Replies 22 Views 5K. Feb 6, Berlin Germany. Mythos Dec 5, Replies 7 Views 3K.Your NISSAN is designed to have minimum maintenance requirements with long service intervals to save you both time and money. As the vehicle owner, you are the only one who can ensure that your vehicle receives proper maintenance. You are a vital link in the maintenance chain. General maintenance includes those items which should be checked during normal day-to-day operation.

How to Take Care of Your Car in Winters: Maintenance Tips and Do It Yourself Guide

Performing general maintenance checks requires minimal mechanical skill and only a few general automotive tools. If maintenance service is required or your vehicle appears to malfunction, have the systems checked and corrected by a NISSAN dealer.

NISSAN technicians are well-trained specialists who are kept up-to-date with the latest service information through technical bulletins, service tips and in-dealership training programs. They are completely qualified to work on NISSAN vehicles before they work on your vehicle rather than after they have worked on it. Preparation Special Service Tool The actual shape of the tools may differ from those illustrated here. Tool number TechMate No. Maintenance and do-it-yourself General maintenance During the normal day-to-day operation of the vehicle, general maintenance should be performed regularly as prescribed in this section.

If you detect any unusual sounds, vibrations or smells, be s Other materials: Preparation Special Service Tool The actual shape of the tools may differ from those illustrated here.Cars need much less maintenance than they did in the good old days, and they last longer than ever. But some services that used to be routine now require the attention and tools of a highly trained specialist. Still, there are plenty of tasks that can keep a weekend mechanic busy for hours, and save you a few bucks in the process.

Go by the book. Using the wrong transmission fluid, for example, could wreck the gearbox and void the powertrain warranty. Go buy the book.

For moderately ambitious tasks, get hold of a detailed repair manual, such as those from Bentley, Chilton, or Haynes. The books show how the myriad components assemble and disassemble, and they explain how to perform basic maintenance and repairs, and typically troubleshoot, too. Search the Net. But always be mindful of the source. Watch the video. YouTube and other online portals have step-by-step videos illustrating repair processes on countless cars submitted by fellow consumers and professionals.

Get Ratings on the go and compare while you shop. Sign In. Become a Member. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Subscribers only Sign in or Subscribe now! Forgot password? Check this box if you wish to have a copy mailed to you. Car service and repair resources Go by the book. What you can do Treating hazy headlight lenses. Modern headlight assemblies usually have clear plastic covers that can become hazy over the years from exposure to the elements.

To save the expense of changing the whole headlight reflector assembly, you can use a restoration kit, usually consisting of abrasive cloths and a special finishing liquid. Some kits are applied with elbow grease, and others call for an electric drill.Whenever you are dealing with radiator repair, the most important thing that you will have to do is dispose.

One of the most important jobs in car radio repair is adjusting the antenna to work just right. If you are looking for a way to repair your rotary optical encoder, then there are some basic tools. A W FM radio transmitter can be used to transmit music from other audio devices to a car stereo or. Customizing your motorcycle exhausts will make your ride stand out from the crowd. The exhaust on a bike.


While an open face motorcycle helmet is not the safest option for headgear to use while you ride your. A motorcycle windshield is a practical accessory to any motorcycle. It allows for better aerodynamics. More often than not, a rusted car is not a vehicle which is particularly admired by a lot of people.

If you haven't been involved with both activities, you may not know the difference between motorcycle.

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If your leather motorcycle gloves have accumulated a noticeable amount of dirt, you may be curious about. Personal preference is the main determinant in what kind of material motorcycle pants to choose from. If you have an electric mini bike with a dead battery, you may be able to jumpstart the bike.

Dealerships Are A SCAM! Do It Yourself CAR MAINTENANCE!

Truck roll bars have been used to dress up the bed of a pickup for several years. However, they are more. If you own a jeep and are into some serious four wheeling, it may be a very good move to remove your. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved.

You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.Maintenance requirements General maintenance Maintenance precautions Engine compartment check locations Engine cooling system Engine oil 4-speed automatic transmission fluid ATF if so equipped Brake and clutch if so equipped fluid Windshield-washer fluid Battery Drive belt Spark plugs Air cleaner Windshield wiper blades Brakes Fuses Battery replacement Lights Wheels and tires Corrosion protection.

Peugeot Switching the system off Press the "empty fan" air flow button until the fan symbol disappears and "" appears. This action switches off all of the functions of the air conditioning system.

The tempe Interior mood lighting The dimmed passenger compartment lighting improves visibility in the vehicle when the light is poor. Switching on At night, interior mood light emitting diodes - LEDs courtesy lamp, instrument Mazda 2.

maintenance and do-it-yourself

Emergency Flat Tyre Repair Kit The emergency fl at tyre repair kit included with your Mazda is for a temporary repair of a slightly damaged fl at tyre resulting from running over nails or similar sharp objects on the road surfa Manuals New Top Sitemap Search. Corrosion protection. Maintenance requirements. Other info: Peugeot Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair.

He has certifications in automation and control technology. You can do many routine car maintenance and repair jobs yourself at home. The best part of doing your own maintenance at the car manufacturer recommended intervals is that you significantly reduce the chances of your car breaking down so you save time and money.

Many of these tasks only require a few common tools and skills. Others require some special tools, knowledge, and resources. Start with basic tasks first, those you feel more confident about, and add other ones as you gain experience and acquire more tools. How easy or difficult you find some tasks will depend on your previous mechanical experience and the specific car make and model you own.

For example, checking or replacing an alternator or starter motor may take a few minutes on a particular model because you have good access to it, while some other car models may require removing one or more components first. So to help you keep your vehicle on the road longer at a lower cost, check these simple maintenance and repair tasks you can do yourself in your won garage. First, a word about your toolbox: Do you have the repair manual for your particular vehicle make and model?

The repair manual comes with pertinent information about your car different systems, specs, manufacturer recommended fluids and capacities, a routine maintenance schedule, plus step-by-step procedures along with images and pictures to service, diagnose, repair and replace many parts and components in your particular vehicle.

You can buy an inexpensive, aftermarket repair manual at most auto parts stores or online. Also, if you don't have that many tools right now, start with a basic, quality set of mechanic tools.

It's cheaper to buy the set than buy them piecemeal of course, but if you can't afford a set right now, buy tools as you need them. You can spend a fortune on tools. So keep in mind that a tool should help you save time and money. Many tools only make your job a bit easier and you can do without them. Others not only help you work faster, but also prevent you from damaging components.

Use your best judgment when adding tools to your toolbox. Occasionally, you may need a special tool when working on a steering pump or wheel bearing, for example. Some of these tools are expensive and they are not worth buying because you'll rarely use them.

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See if your local auto parts store will loan you the tool instead. Haynes offers the best coverage for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles on the market today. Each manual contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions linked to hundreds of photographs and illustrations. Included in every manual: troubleshooting section to help identify specific problems; tips that give valuable short cuts to make the job easier and eliminate the need for special tools; notes, cautions and warnings for the home mechanic; color spark plug diagnosis and an easy to use index.

This is perhaps the most important maintenance tasks you can do for your car. This job doesn't require special tools except for an oil filter wrench or technical knowledge, and you can find the correct procedure for your model in your vehicle repair manual. From time to time, it's a good idea to pop the hood and check the condition of the different systems' hoses—especially vacuum hoses. Hoses wear out over time, become brittle, swell, tear and get disconnected due to heat and vibration during engine operation.

So leaking hoses—vacuum or fluid ones—are a common source of engine performance problems. Wires suffer cuts and burns, and corrosion finds its way into electrical connectors, interfering with the electrical flow. So check them from time to time as well. Belts wear and may suffer damage over time, so you need to check and replace them according to schedule; pay particular attention to serpentine belts, which rarely show signs of wear on the outside.

Consult your service manual for the recommended service interval. These filters have a limited service life.Maintenance requirement General maintenance Maintenance precautions Engine compartment check locations Engine cooling system Engine oil Continuously Variable Transmission CVT fluid Brake fluid Window washer fluid Battery Drive belts Spark plugs Air cleaner Windshield wiper blades Rear window wiper blade Brakes Fuses Battery replacement Lights Wheels and tires To protect your vehicle from corrosion - Wash and wax your vehicle often to keep the vehicle clean.

To Select a File from iPod Menu You can also select a file from any list on the iPod menu: playlists, artists, albums and songs. Select the des Playing an Audio CD 1. From the CD screen, press the Menu screen button to display the menu options. Forward-facing child restraint installation using the seat belts - The three-point seat belt with Automatic Locking Retractor ALR must be used when installing a child restraint.

Failure to use the ALR mode will result in the child restraint not bein To protect your vehicle from corrosion - Wash and wax your vehicle often to keep the vehicle clean. Maintenance requirement Your new NISSAN has been designed to have minimum maintenance requirements with long service intervals to save you both time and money. However, some day-to-day and regular maintenance is esse See also: To Select a File from iPod Menu You can also select a file from any list on the iPod menu: playlists, artists, albums and songs.

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