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However, the P90, being an automatic submachine gun, is not available for civilian use, outside of in the Call of Duty series note: I personally do not favor the P90 when playing COD due to the annoying and unrealistically lengthy re-load animations featured when using the gun. This left the regular gun-owning folk of the world on the outside looking in on the P90 party — that is, until the PS90 came along in A semi-automatic submachine gun, the PS90 mirrors the P90 in most ways including its unique look but is nerfed for the sake of legality and for commercial sale.

This makes it an excellent choice for both personal defense and sporting uses for gun owners, and it comes as no surprise that the model has been popular ever since it was first released.

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What exactly makes the P90 and the Ps90 such a damn satisfying firearm? Originally the product of a demand for more powerful, lightweight guns, the submachine gun has seen decreased use, development, and demand in recent years. This is due to the rise of the assault rifle, which accomplishes the same job as the submachine gun but with greater stopping power and range. Belgian special forces became the first military to employ the P90 during the Gulf War, to great effect — Belgium reported nothing but positives in regards to its P90 experience.

FN shortly revised the design of this cartridge, introducing a new version of it that was 0. This cartridge, the SS, was fully introduced in and has been regarded as a first-class cartridge ever since. InNATO decided to undergo a series of tests amongst 9x19mm replacement cartridges in order to standardize one.

A number of FN P90 variants have been developed, of both the semi-automatic and military variety. However, the standard FN P90 specifications are as follows:. As one can plainly see, the FN P90 has an ammo capacity of rounds well greater than the round minimum outlined by NATO, one will note. This ammunition is loaded in a unique, top-mounted magazine.

The ammo capacity is an impressive achievement from FN, given the lightweight and portable nature of the gun which, as previously noted, uses a unique and exciting design. The P90 uses a thumbhole in the frame in order to serve as a pistol grip, and a trigger guard foregrip for improved handling. Above all else, the P90 is designed to be easily carried, weighing in at just 2. The P90 is also intended to require minimal maintenance, as evidenced by its modular four-component group design.

The P90 does not hold up as well in terms of ballistic performance as larger-caliber guns and rifles, although this is to be expected. In fact, it is the diminished chance of deadly force which makes it such a popular choice among certain law enforcement agencies. In a word, no. As a fully-automatic weapon, the FN P90 would be hard pressed to gain legal status in any country in the world, let alone the United States. However, demand of the P90 from the civilian market has bred the development and release of FN Ps90, a carbine version of the P90 which accepts standard P90 magazines but acts as a semi-automatic SMG.

The PS90 is available in a number of different iterations, including:. To reiterate, the FN P90 is not available for purchase. If you own one, it is either via working for the military or a law enforcement agency, or you have some explaining to do. The PS90, on the other hand, is very available. Ammunition is widely available due to the acclaim of the caliber and weapon, which means that despite it being specific by nature, ammo is not overly expensive or unreasonable in terms of price.

A number of excellent and practical accessories are available which can easily take the PS90 to the next level, offering a more customizable, personal experience.

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In all honesty, the FN P90 and PS90 are such great, versatile weapons that accessories are far from being a necessity.

The gun handles exceptionally well, diminishing the need for grip and handle-improving accessories, and the round ammunition capacity renders the need for an extended magazine moot. However, there are several accessories that warrant owning, including several of our favorites:. This Assault Systems Discreet Case does a great job of transporting your P90 or PS90, using high-quality double-row stitching and internal seams for high-quality security.

Carrying extra magazines can prove troublesome, but this FN Magazine Pouch helps lighten the load.

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Capable of carrying two additional round clips, this magazine pouch by FN can strap around the leg or waist depending on your preference, and is as unobtrusive as can be. Featuring a 30mm lens and red and green-dot options, this scope by Ultimate Arms is deadly accurate, reliable, and even comes with a lens cleaning kit to ensure clarity and quality.Buy one of the best bull pups around from FN Specialtiesthe leader in FN firearms and accessories.

ps90 models

Give your PS90 a premium feel and get a better grip to eject and reload your PS90 magazines with a Man Kave aluminum extended magazine release from FNspecialties. Buy one for a minimalistic approach, or buy 2 for symmetry. Each set comes with one rail and all mounting hardware. Complete your trigger pack upgrade with ManKave's aluminum sear. The perfect compliment to the ManKave Gen1 aluminum hammer.

NOTE: This sear adds a spring to your trigger pack and looks different than the factory PS90 sear in later generation models. Chambered in the 5. Comes with one round polymer detachable magazine. PS90 Standard. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Subscribe to our newsletter. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Out of stock. In stock. Narrow and Wide versions available. Please allow 5 business days for this product to ship. Description Chambered in the 5. Related products. Quick View. Firearms PS90 Standard.Subscribe to our newsletter to receive interesting offers and amazing discounts!

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PS90 Rifle 16″ Standard Rifle – Build Your Own Custom PS90 5.7x28mm

DPW Gunsmith. SWFA Outdoors. Kentucky Gun Co. Tombstone Tactical. Classic Firearms.

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Shipping Rate: Calculated in Cart. Prepper Gun Shop. Tin Star Shooting Range. Yowie Outdoors. Tooele Shooting Supply. GunStuff TV.Zoo, or a politician at that other zoo in Washington convicted of telling the truth. NATO felt there would be increased use of protective, flexible body armor by the military of all nations in the decades to come and therefore called for this new class of individual service weapons.

The P90 is something of an odd military small arm. It was never designed to be a standard military service rifle, but was actually designed as a weapon for rear echelon troops like motor pool mechanics, drivers, cooks and bakers as well as a special purpose weapon for troops engaging in close quarter battle. The idea behind it is previous pistol caliber weapons; i.

One of the design characteristics of the P90 and its associated 5. Yes, the ammo was designed to defeat both soft and some hard body armor, even some of the heaviest in use by former soviet military forces, but it was also designed to have a limited lethal range.

ps90 models

It was not meant for long range use. I was informed in Belgium back in that it had a practical range limit of approximately meters. Testing on the civilian legal ammo available with the semi-auto test sample shown here indicates it is good to yards, but that is probably its absolute practical limit.

PS90 Standard – 50rd Model

It has NOT proven to be an overwhelming or revolutionary design. Yes, some FN P90 carbines were used by the hostage rescue teams like the well known rescue event during an embassy siege in Peru, but overall its acceptance and success has been one of a limited nature.

Rumor has it that Saudi Arabia has purchased a substantial number, but other foreign sales have been limited at best. There are some American law enforcement agencies, including Secret Service protective teams, equipped with the gun on their tactical units and the operators sing their praises on various web sites, but the gun and its cartridge are not without their critics.

Especially so when one understands from the very beginning the ammunition this design concept was originally developed around is forbidden to civilians. It is the first example in my memory where the ammunition; specifically the SS round is classified the same as select-fire weapons or sound suppressors.

The armor piercing ammunition is a Class III item in and of itself. Then the question becomes: what is the civilian legal version of the P90, or the PS90, good for? What will it do and what will it not do? The ammunition used during my test session, I was told, consisted of a 23 grain full metal jacket projectile with a plastic or polymer core.

The problem was, and I observed it firsthand, resulting two groups on the meter paper target from either semi-auto fire or full-auto fire. In this round was abandoned in favor of the heavier SS projectile with its steel penetrator and aluminum core. It is strictly a guess on my part, but the dispersion problem had to be part of the reason why the lightweight 5.

That is a shame really because it is my view the lighter projectiles with this combination of the PS and the 5. Why is this important? Because it is easy for most civilian shooters to find places to shoot their handguns and shotguns in competition in just about any location you care to mention in this country, but it is becoming increasing difficult to find a venue where it is safe to shoot centerfire rifles and carbines.

During my testing of the sample PS90 I used two specific 5. Other rounds available at one time or another in 5.Featuring a compact bullpup design with an integrated reflex sight and fully ambidextrous controls, the P90 is an unconventional weapon with a futuristic appearance.

Secret Service. Sincea semi-automatic version has been offered to civilian users as the PS The P90 and its 5. FN Herstal was the first small arms manufacturer to respond to NATO's requirement; FN started by developing a shoulder-fired personal defense weapon, the P90, along with a small caliber, high velocity 5. Following the P90's introduction, FN revised the 5. The P90 is a selective firestraight blowback -operated weapon with a cyclic rate of fire of RPM rounds per minute. Its unusual shape is based on extensive ergonomic research.

The P90 is notable for being fully ambidextrous —it can be operated by right or left-handed shooters with equal ease, and without making any modifications to the weapon. The P90 can be fitted with a sling for greater ease of carry, and since the weapon has a fixed stock as opposed to having a collapsing or folding stockit can be quickly deployed when needed.

The P90 was designed to have a length no greater than a man's shoulder width, to allow it to be easily carried and maneuvered in tight spaces, such as the inside of an armored vehicle. The P90 requires minimal maintenanceand it can be disassembled quickly and easily. The P90 uses an internal hammer striking mechanism and a trigger mechanism with a three-position rotary dial fire control selector, located at the foot of the trigger.

When set on Athe P90's fire selector provides a two-stage trigger operation similar to that of the Steyr AUG assault rifle—pulling the trigger back slightly produces semi-automatic fire, and pulling the trigger fully to the rear produces fully automatic fire.

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Particularly significant to the design of the P90 is the small-caliber, high-velocity bottlenecked cartridge it uses. The 5. One of the design intents for the standard 5. The P90 uses a unique horizontally mounted feeding system—patented in the United States—that contributes to the weapon's compact profile and unusual appearance. The P90 was originally equipped with the Ring Sights HC reflex sightbut the current weapon is instead fitted with the Ring Sights MC sight, which was specifically designed for it.

ps90 models

The MC has an anodized aluminium housing, and has a similar black reticle. The night reticle for both the HC and the MC consists of an open T that is primarily illuminated by a tritium moduleand, in the HC, ambient light drawn in by an upward-facing collector.Chambered in the 5. The FN PS 90 civilian legal Dual magazine latches, cocking handles and an innovative synthetic thumbhole stock with a molded-in sling attachment point help make the FN PS 90 fully ambidextrous.

Standard Model comes with 1 x 30 round polymer detachable magazines. Please call for details. Want to have your rifle converted into a short barrel rifle like all the swat teams and special operations use?

We have the We also offer one of the smallest and best suppressors available for the PS It is a must have addition to the SBR Kit which allows you to use the firearm without ear protection.

The items listed below have all been personally tested and approved by Matt Adika. The accessories we sell on the site have to be the best to make it on the page, so you can be assured that when ordering something from our site, it is the best of the best.

[Review] FN PS90: Futuristic Design

All accessories are installed by Certified FN Gunsmiths and tested before we ship the firearm out. Customize your PS 90 anyway you want, with hundreds of different configurations available. The new short stroke hammer and magazine release are a must have! Make sure you have extra magazines as well. PS90s are currently on backorder. If you would like to be notified when they are back in stock, please visit FNSpecialties.

PS90 Chambered in the 5. PS90 can be upgraded to be one of the baddest firearms ever built, and the upgrades available from FN57SALE are some of the best upgrades available in the entire country. All accessories are installed by a FN Certified Gunsmith and tested before we ship the firearm out. The new short stroke hammer and extended magazine release are a must have! Make sure you have extra magazines with upgraded rollers as well. Shop Login or Register. FirearmsRifles.

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Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Virginia - Aug Related reddits now found in the FAQ. Is there any way to tell what generation a PS90 belongs to just by looking at it? Maybe serial number range? Gen1s will have a Black pack body, black hammer, OD green front sear, the auto sear still present. Gen2s will have a Gray pack body, black hammer, OD green or gray front sear, auto sear still present.

Gen 3s and Gen4s are what are still being installed in newly produced guns right now. Also currently there is only 1 PS90 model being made for the civilian market currently, It has the single top pic rail.

Why wouldn't they? If it can't be easily converted then it doesn't matter if it has components for it.

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